what's our story?

F O R E V E R Y  C H I L D.

We believe that no matter the circumstance, every child deserves a future that is safe, full of love, and offers a chance for kids to just be kids!

100% of profits from our tees go directly to The Global Orphan Project’s mission to care for kids. Whether it’s uniforms for kids in Haiti, meals for families in Uganda, a roof over the head of a single parent in Los Angeles or supporting refugees in camps in Lebanon.

Our mission is to use the power of t-shirt sales to care forevery child, every family, every dream. 

 Every tee makes a difference.

F O R E V E R Y  J O B.

To properly serve children all over the world, we had to do more than just donate our profits. Our pieces have to tell a story as well.

The fabric of each Forevery tee is grown and spun in North Carolina and shipped to be cut and sewn in our fair trade manufacturing facility in Haiti. These tees provide living-wage jobs so that families can stay together and thrive.

Our tees are then shipped to Kansas city where they’re printed in-house by our affiliate, GOEX. From the first thread, to your mailbox, we know exactly where your shirt has been and the lives it has touched.

How and where your tee is made makes a difference.

F O R E V E R Y  C O M M U N I T Y.

What would happen if a community was called upon to wrap around the needs of a child or family on the brink of crisis? It is happening right now, 
one tee at a time.

Forevery supports the CarePortal platform, 
an innovative sharing-economy concept that connects those with needs to those who can help. It’s rewriting the child welfare system all across the U.S. by helping kids right in your neighborhood; just down the street or around the corner.

Visit careportal.org to get involved. Or just buy a Forevery tee and know you’re a catalyst to caring for kids.

Involving your community makes difference.



creates a brighter future for families by providing:

Fair Trade jobs in Haiti
Screen printing your tees 


creates a brighter future
for kids by providing:

1 Tee: 1 month of education for a child
1 Tee: 1 school uniform
1 Tee: 40 lunches for kids


gets your rad tee to your door by:

Telling your tees story
Packaging and shipping