Take a peek into where all of our shirts are made

Welcome to your virtual tour of LIFE, our Fair Trade Certified production facility in Haiti. Here each of our super comfortable, world-changing Forevery shirts are handmade by makers who are earning a living wage for their families.

The name LIFE represents all of the lives touched by fair working standards, and the life that is brought to a community when it’s members can participate in meaningful, dignified work! LIFE provides living-wage work for over 130 employees.

Our tees are then shipped to Kansas city where they’re printed in-house by our affiliate, GOEX. From the first thread, to your mailbox, we know exactly where your shirt has been and the lives it has touched.

How and where your tee is made makes a difference. When you shop Forevery, you create job security for each and every one of the makers at LIFE. Thank YOU for choosing to do more!

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