Pick up the pen.

What’s our goal with #careforeverychild? To get thousands of you wearing, sharing, and celebrating the ONE who touched your heart. When everyone comes together in this way — sharing our stories and inspiring others to care for every child — these collective stories change lives.   

You have taken the #careforeverychild anthem and turned it into a movement.

Thank you for picking up the pen and adding your story.



Forevery Stella

"I couldn't stay long [in bed] because soon I'd hear a little knock on my door and there was Stella, in her pajamas and high heels, asking for breakfast. She literally forced me to get out of bed and live a life I didn't want to face. She became the daughter I never had and taught me that there are a million ways to be a mother."

Forevery Grayson

“Whether it's your own child or someone else's, I hope you all have a Grayson in your life. A child who has tugged at your heart and that you would do anything for. Every child deserves to be that for someone.”

Forevery Ashley

“Meeting Ashley showed me the world's brokenness and then did me the grand favor of revealing mine. Ashley taught me that I wasn't the Rescuer; I was the Rescued. And if I had been Rescued, then I couldn't keep living my life on auto-pilot. Living a rescued life meant entering into the lives of broken and hurting people and letting God restore that little inch of the world. And that through His restoration of little inches of the world, He would restore little inches of me.”

Forevery Gabe

“This shirt represents every Gabe out there — for every kid who’s entered into the system at a young age and needs someone who is going to say, “I will do whatever it takes. I will cross mountains to get you the things you need to be successful.”


Pick up the pen.

This is an open invitation to anyone inspired to share. Tell your story by purchasing a tee or simply printing off our flyer — both have a space for you to pick up the pen and fill in the name of your deepest why. The story is already written, it's just time to tell it.


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