meet a maker: renel laurent

Dreaming big dreams!

How do living wage jobs help communities? They give people the chance to dream!

Meet “Big Ambitions” Renel Laurent. When Renel was 15, both of his parents passed away and he entered care through The Global Orphan Project. In Haiti, orphan homes can only legally care for kids until the age of 18.

After he graduated from orphan care, Renel got the opportunity to attend The Global Orphan Project’s Transition Academy, where he learned the vocational skills needed to join the staff at LIFE.

The living wages Renel earns at LIFE let him dream big and live independently. Renel is so excited for his future. He dreams about starting his own motorcycle rental business and wants to open a barbershop. We believe Renel can accomplish anything he sets his mind to!

When you shop forevery, you help makers like Renel get one step closer to their dream. Thank you!

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