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how your shirt gives kids a future

Many parents around the world are forced to choose between keeping their children or giving them an education—a chance to rise out of poverty. We believe no family should ever have to make that choice.

Every child deserves the chance to learn. At forevery, we believe kids are our future, and we are committed to equipping the next generation. When we provide opportunities for kids to attend school and unleash leadership potential, we create paths out of generational poverty and bring lasting change for communities.

Our partners through The Global Orphan Project educate orphaned and abandoned children in their care, as well as children and families in their communities. From family-strengthening and health education classes, to vocational training for young adults aging out of orphan care, your gift will help break the orphan cycle through education.

Your forevery purchase provides for kids schooling by funding:

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • School uniforms, books and supplies
  • School lunch programs
  • HIV education
  • Family-strengthening
  • Leadership and character development
  • Vocational-technical training

Thank you for giving hope to kids around the world!

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