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Food, medical care, the opportunity to attend school, a home, and 24-hour, loving care — children need nourishment and support in order to fully thrive.

Every child should be healthy and safe! From antibiotics and medical procedures, to fresh mattresses and new water wells, it takes a village! When basic needs are met, kids have the chance to learn, play and just be kids.

Unexpected things happen: a cold that won’t go away, a soiled bed, a break in a water line, or an earthquake. Our local partners with The Global Orphan Project are on the front lines to care for each child individually, whether that means attending to a scraped knee or evacuating before a hurricane.

Proceeds from your forevery shirt goes to support:

  • Food and clean water
  • Safe place to live
  • Loving caregiver
  • Medical care
  • Surgery
  • Water wells
  • Emergency relief

Thank you for purchasing with purpose!

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