Buy a gift. Help a life.

Give more this Christmas with these 10 cause conscious companies:
1. Forevery Apparel. This rad t-shirt company cuts and sews their tees in a living-wage factory providing jobs and keeping kids out of orphanages in Haiti! But that's only part of the story! They also give all the proceeds to kids in communities all over the world. They are backed by The Global Orphan Project, and have made it their mission to never leave a child behind. Our fav is the Kindness Is So Gangster Tee.
2. Pura Vida Bracelets. This stylish company gives artisans full time jobs while helping to fund over 190 charities. (Their wave ring is our personal favorite).
3. FEED. Every product sold helps provide food to children in need and you'll know exactly how many meals you're providing with your purchase thanks to a number stamped on each item.
4. Parks Project. These outdoorsy National Park inspired products help fund projects to conserve parks all over the world.
5. Krochet Kids Intl.  With each purchase this company provides life changing job opportunities to women in need, and introduces you to the woman that actually made it! 
6. 4 Ocean Purchase one of their very trendy bracelets and help clean up the ocean one pound at a time. (Their founder story is truly inspiring).
7. Ivory Ella This apparel and accessories company has a global mission to help eliminate the elephant crisis and motivate the next generation to take action! They have already donated 1.6 Million dollars to the cause!
8. Boxed Water Is Better. This trendy milk carton of water is focused on having plastic water bottles be a thing of the past. If you post and use their hashtag they will also plant 2 trees in your honor! (Great stocking stuffer and conversation starter). 
9. Mable These modern toothbrushes do more than just clean your teeth! With every brush purchased, they will donate a brush to a kiddo that needs one, and they are made of bamboo! Once again stomping that pesky plastics issue.
10. Fazl. You will love these cozy colorful socks, and bonus 50% off the proceeds go to orphanages around the world!

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